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Future of IT: Super Humans and Robots.

Super Humans with a BCI chip implant.

We are only hearing about IT Automation from media and worried about losing jobs in IT Sector. This is a fact like a bitter pill.

I feel in Developed Nations, the reality might be different. With the advent of BCI, Brain Computer Interface technology, some elite citizens will have access to it and become Super Humans. Such Super Humans can be empowered by the BCI chip implant in their body to fine tune their emotions and even be guided by supercomputers in decision making via satellites. This creates a thin line between The Machines and Super Humans. May be sooner or later All Humans in Developed Nations will turn into Super Humans being half machine half human. Some might term this as 'suicide' of the Developed Nation, but don't worry because that will keep the Nation Developed and Happy. Just like the way we treat babies with vaccination to prevent diseases, we can implant BCI chip in babies.

I am sure some CEOs from Developed Nations might have already become Super Humans. I believe Super Humans will not have too much of dependence on gadgets to do their daily work. At the same time, Intelligent Robots will replace Human labour. Don't share this, if it sounds scary. God bless All.

More Buses; Less Cars, for Saving Time, Money and Environment.

Need for more buses and less cars.

Last night was a nightmare for me while traveling in public transport. I was happy to travel for it bought me close to public and understand the problems of people.

What I felt GoI should do?
  • Raise sales tax on cars which cause pollution. With this money we can increase the quality and number of buses for public transport.
  • Raise the prices of petrol and diesel, so that people will go for public transport.

The advantage of above steps are:
  1. More buses and less cars. Less pollution and Environment friendly.
  2. More public transport means cheaper ways of transit for public. People save money and Government makes money.
  3. Less traffic due to less cars on road. Saves time of employees.
  4. Comfortable traveling for All passengers of public transport due to increased investment of Government in public transport.
  5. Saving Environment and Time means Health for All, thus Money.
  6. More money can be used for saving our Environment.

My expectations from Shri Narendra Modi, The Boldest Indian PM.

Parliament of India.

Firstly, let me apologize to Indians for waking up, so late, into reality. Let me thank our PM Narendra Modi Ji for waking me up.

Now, let me jot down my expectations from GoI:
  • Stop All wars across Our Planet by spreading love through diplomats. Make Army Men retire early and send them back Home. No further recruitment into Army and zero investment in killing artillery. The money saved here can be used on Diplomats and International relations. Jai Jawan.
  • Zero entertainment tax for all regional movies. Support and encourage talented artists.
  • Encourage exceptionally talented athletes by providing them free training, free accommodation and free food in specially formed institutions like Indian Athletes School similar to IIT. We admit athletes into this school with annual competition.
  • Cut down the staff in Banking sector by automating most of the Banking operations. This saves money and time for All. If this is not amicable to Bankers, then reduce work hours of Bankers from 8hrs/day to 6hrs/day.
  • Give tax relief to every new startup or budding businesses.
  • Invest in creating more doctors and helping poor get good health-care.
  • Protect the rights of employees in both private and public sector, so that they are not exploited or discriminated.
  • Punish bad employers.
  • Move some of basic Engineering courses to 11th and 12th standard syllabus, so that every Indian is an Engineer to minimal level.
  • Make agriculture profitable, by making 100% insurance of crops, incase of calamities, by Banks. Import latest technologies in farming to India. Zero tax liability for All farmers, even when they make crores of rupees. Jai Kisan.
  • Discourage corruption among Judges and accelerate the speed of closing cases as soon as possible by hiring more Judges.
  • Distribute Government lands to each labour family not exceeding 150sq. yards per family.
  • Encourage PILs from Lawyers.
  • Bring new law to serve Police men on duty with free food wherever they go in India. The restaurants have right to deny it.
  • Pay huge salary packages to politicians in power. Ensure they declare their assets every year. Undeclared assets must be seized by Government. The politicians can declare their corrupted income to public and IT Department to evade punishment. The same applies to every public servant who is a Government employee.
  • Create Government fund to encourage scientists to innovate and avoid crossing border. Encourage such funds from private sector. Let our scientists innovate and Make India Great Again.
  • All schools in India, both private and public, must be regulated to provide free food, free accommodation and free education to every child. The educational institution has right to take 50% of the student's first annual salary after leaving the institution. This is Guru dakshina. This is more profitable for institutions along with students. Only thing is the institution has to wait for long term, but still this has a win-win agenda.
  • Eliminate caste and religion columns/ data from All databases, to prevent discrimination. What is wrong, if a Christian finds Peace in Hinduism and becomes a Priest in a Hindu Temple and vice-versa?
  • Do justice to me.

Heart touching song from BORDER. I wish Everybody to feel the pain of our soldiers and make them come back home safely.

The above song is dedicated to All Soldiers of Every Nation, not just India.

I wish All Soldiers of Every Nation return back to their Home forever as soon as possible. Dear Watson, please bombard our whole Planet with Love shells, so that nobody attacks others, and kill none. I want Everyone to fall in LOVE by this coming Valentine's day. This is not an order, Watson, but a humble request. Keep militaries busy in disabling All kinds of destructive weapons for coming 5 years. Let Everybody say "We All are One and We All Won." The Peaceful Era of Humans will just begin, soon after 'raining love potion' all across the world because no Nation can stop rain or God's will. The love potion I mentioned here should not cause any unacceptable sexual desires, so as to protect our women and children from sexual offences.

Aren't these rains better than non-stoppable acid rains that can sprout on Earth incase of a nuclear war? Yes, right!!! So, let us sow Love in The Hearts of All and reap LOVE from All The Hearts. Last but not the least, I pray to All to terminate Evil forever and save Good forever without killing anybody.

Watson, bombard Every corner of Earth with Love shells.

Why and how one must surrender to God? Teachings from Bhagavad Gita, Bible and Quran.

Lord Krishna: Everything belongs to me, God.

One is born and comes to this world, empty handed. One dies and leaves this world, empty handed.

One believes that what one makes in one's life, between the birth and death, is All because of One's work and worthiness. One forgets that it is God who created this world for us to enjoy material/ physical pleasures. It is God who gives us Everything and we must realize whatever charity we do on the name of God is given by God. Whatever we made in this world belongs to God and so don't be under the impression that you are giving your belongings to God. That is why Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says, 'I am God and I affectionately accept a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water offered by a pure hearted being with loving devotion.' [Reference from Bhagavad Gita].

Christian prayer before meals. Every religion teaches to be grateful to God.

This says those who think that they bought a very expensive offering to God and forget that their offering was created by God will not please God. Assuming one's possessions belongs to one, but not God, is sheer arrogance and foolishness. So, if you are grateful to God and thank God for what you have received in your life, then that pleases God as you have completely surrendered to The Almighty. Every religion teaches to be grateful to God, The Creator. I believe my thoughts belong to God, but not me, which is the reason for me dedicating this blog to God.

Quran: If you are grateful, I will give you more.