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Simple and easy way to boost Indian economy.

More demand for Gold; more expensive Gold becomes.

Everybody knows that the price of an item depends on it's supply and demand. The lesser supply and higher demand means peak price for the item. Just like gold in India. Most Indians wish to buy gold inspite of its supply coming from imports, making the price of gold skyrocket. Imports are made by forex transactions in USD which creates demand for US Dollar. Such demand for USD will make US Dollar stronger and Rupee weaker. A weaker Rupee means less purchasing power for Resident Indians. So, if we All Indians start buying gold and other imported items rationally, then we are helping ourselves and our fellow Indians.

I am not asking to stop buying imported items and gold, think about our fellow poor Indians before buying them. Gold and diamonds will become like our chronically cheapest tomatoes, if we stop craving for them. Our economy is in our hands, don't blame Government without playing your better role. Let us unite and make Rupee stronger for the betterment of our economy. By the way, kindly respect All foreign tourists in India and never cheat them for money because what we give is what we get.

Sri Krishna Deva Raya

Less than 6 centuries ago, precious gems were sold openly on streets during Sri Krishna Deva Raya (1471-1529) rule. If I ask you, why? Even the kids will say that there was no demand for gems 6 centuries ago and same with Platinum at present. Platinum is precious than Gold, still not many crave for it, thus stable prices of Platinum exist.

If you are interested in investing money for yourself and your family, then buy some real estate assets in developing New India. Don't forget to do research before investing in real estate. Also, don't get fooled by fake demand created by some greedy brokers. I also remember a word of caution, from a seasoned Investor, not to buy homes without knowing where you are going to settle after your retirement. Share this post with your friends, so that Rupee becomes stronger and Indians who are below poverty line can feed themselves. My dear fellow Indians, store your good righteous deeds in God's safest vault, instead of storing your gold in your bank's locker. This will save you for your lives ahead, while doing good to many Indians. Owning gold beyond limits will do more harm than good.

GOD's Eye: He is watching us.

Let us make our New India Great by helping each other towards Humanism and Peace for All. Yes, you are right!! God is watching us. God bless All.

Multiverse: Supercomputer; Connected Universes: Networked CPUs.

Everything is Information.

Based on Universe is a Computer, Everything is Information and Reality is merely an illusion, I believe our Multiverse which consists of parallel Universes transforms itself in Space-Time. Multiverse resembles a parallel processing supercomputer made of networked CPUs, Connected Universes. Our lives are like software applications (DNA) running in the supercomputer. Multiverse might have been programmed to Exist in a Cycle and Recycle Everything in it continuously. Nothing goes waste in GOD's Creation because Everything is recycled including our bodies. Even our karma (deeds), both good and bad, don't go waste for we either enjoy/ suffer the outcome of our deeds done in past.

There is nothing lost or wasted in this life.

Future of IT: Super Humans and Robots. How Developed Nations will commit 'suicide'?

Super Humans with a BCI chip implant.

We are only hearing about IT Automation from media and worried about losing jobs in IT Sector. This is a fact like a bitter pill.

I feel in Developed Nations, the reality might be different. With the advent of BCI, Brain Computer Interface technology, some elite citizens will have access to it and become Super Humans. Such Super Humans can be empowered by the BCI chip implant in their body to fine tune their emotions, eliminate negative thoughts and even be guided by supercomputers in decision making via satellites. This creates a thin line between The Machines and Super Humans. May be sooner or later All Humans in Developed Nations will turn into Super Humans being half machine half human. Some might term this as 'suicide' of the Developed Nation, but don't worry because that will keep the Nation Developed and Happy. Just like the way we treat babies with vaccination to prevent diseases, we can implant BCI chip in babies. Such Super Humans will always be hale and healthy.

I am sure some CEOs from Developed Nations might have already become Super Humans. I believe Super Humans will not have too much of dependence on gadgets to do their daily work. At the same time, Intelligent Robots will replace Human labour. God bless All.