Story of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Watch the below video on Shri Shirdi Sai Baba to wash away your sins:

GOD knows every Human sins, intentionally or unintentionally. So, He has provided ways to wash away one's sins. Reading stories or listening to stories of Godly saints is one such way. Om Sairam!!!

GOD bless our farmers, Our Food Producer, with eternal Peace. అన్నదాత సుఖీభవ. [Telugu]

I observed it is our farmers who show no discrimination on who eats the food they produce. Most of them never complain about their problems with others. Some of them, who suffered losses due to bad crop/ bad weather/ bad loans/ bad market commit suicide. Farmers especially in developing and under-developed Nations are so innocent, due to illiteracy, that they are being exploited since Modern Age. We All Global Citizens must realize this fact and show empathy on our farmers. Without a farmer, no matter how rich we are, we cannot eat food that we relish everyday.

What do we do with this issue? Simple, support every action which helps farmers. Some of such steps are:
Ensure farmers get insured loans from banks, irrespective of their past debts. Trust me, no farmer cheats when he makes money. Trusting a farmer is bound to lead to a Prosperous Nation because he is the backbone of our economy.Ensure farmers get seeds, fertilizer and pesticides from Government via NGOs which are not bothered…

Why Donald John Trump (POTUS) must be respected?

Please find below reasons why Donald John Trump must be respected as a person:
He is straightforward and doesn't play games with others by keeping people in dark.He fought all the odds against him during Presidential Elections and still won the race which means he has God's grace.He has a fair foreign policy and has no intentions to back stab other Nations.He does what he thinks is right. Yes, he might be wrong in what he thinks right sometimes. So, we must only convince him that he is wrong, if needed.He befriended his Russian counterparts to put an END to All Wars across Earth.He has been grateful to Everybody who helped him during Presidential Elections. A grateful enemy is better, than an ungrateful friend who is of no use. Better an honest enemy than a false friend. He talks and acts as if he is averse to Muslims, but he will do good to Muslims.It is the media that is averse towards Donald John Trump and we must not get fooled by such media. He took complete responsibilit…

Know about India: How India and China can complement each other?

IC = IndiaChina = Intelligence [Software] Chip [Hardware].

India has a vast pool of Software Engineers. China has a vast pool of Hardware Manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers can Make in India and gain access to India's Software talent in developing Software for China. Similarly, IT giants from India can setup their IT Centers in China and provide employment to Chinese. This kind of strategy is beneficial to both the Nations. Let China and India not compete in Arms Race, but complement each other in improving the living standards of All on Earth. Both China and India are bigger markets to each other already and will see exponential growth in near future. Let us thank our Big Brother for making this possible for the benefit of our mankind. I know little about all the complementing capabilities of both the Nations, so I leave the rest of the discussion to the policy makers of India and China. A friendly neighbor is better than a son abroad. GOD bless All.

India vs Pakistan: What India and Pakistan must learn from America & Canada?

Before British Rule there was no India and no Pakistan. All that existed was Bharat. So, the ancestors of both Pakistanis and Indians belong to The Greater Bharat. This conveys Indian and Pakistani are Bhai-Bhai (brothers). If one thinks with a cool head, we understand that it is British who applied Divide and Conquer Strategy by separating India and Pakistan. Same with Israel and Palestine. I suspect a Numerologist might have chosen I and P as the first letter in the names of separated Nations to keep them fighting. Let us not be foolish and kill each other. Where there is Will, there is a Way. Let India and Pakistan exchange goodies at Borders everyday. I want both India and Pakistan to prosper equally well by following the footsteps of The U.S. and Canada. I trust Modi Ji will never start a War. This post is dedicated to every child from Pakistan and India. I wish better lives for both Indians and Pakistanis. God bless All.

What you get is what you give. Short stories.


Why one should never wish for immortality?

Can any living being survive or rejuvenate itself without sleeping? No, right!!

Just like sleeping for giving rest to our body, our Soul needs to leave the physical world to get Rest In Peace. So, never think that Death is The End. Just like our body wakes up fresh in the morning after a good night sleep, one's Soul gets rebirth with another body based on one's Karma in past. Death even puts an end to one's sufferings of old age. There were so many mythological stories and scripts from our ancient Indian scholars which preach that Death is Inevitable and Must for all living beings. Based on this, we must do righteous deeds in present to get a better life in future or in next Reincarnations. Be Righteous and It will save you.

This post is dedicated to All the Syrian Children who died recently due to chemical attack. I understand that this is not the right time to play blame games, but Time for All to realize the importance of Peace and living like Humans. May Syrians and I…