How GOD is everywhere? Shakti. Brahma. Vishnu. Maheswara. 786.

Goddess Shakti, Mother of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara.

GOD = Generator (Brahma) Operator (Vishnu) Destructor (Maheswara) = Generator (Proton) Operator (Electron) Destructor (Neutron) = GOD is in every atom. = GOD is Everywhere. = GOD runs this world. = 786 = (7)(7+1)(7-1) = (Neutron)(Electron)(Proton)

"Shakti created GOD.", a belief from Hindu mythology. = Matter is Energy. = Matter/Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. = GOD/Shakti cannot be created nor destroyed. = Either Proton, Electron, Neutron or Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

There is a Creator who created Shakti, the five elements [Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space] and life with intelligent Souls. 'All'ah has All. There is no beginning and end of Creation because we are in The Multiverse, a Cycle of Universes. Inorder to be in good books of GOD, one has to do good and be good to All. I am not asking you to believe or not to believe in GOD, The Omnipresent and The Omnipotent. Remember there is Universal Law/ Cosmic Balance [Srishti Dharma] which makes even The Creator to pay for His Karma. That is why our mythology has stories where even Creator suffers due to His Karma. Be Good and do Good to Everybody because GOD is in Everybody. Feed poor and please GOD to shower His blessings on You. One, who sees GOD in All, doesn't need to visit religious places for receiving GOD's blessings.

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Proton(Brahma-Generator) Electron(Vishnu-Operator) Neutron(Maheswara-Destructor)