Ways to serve the Lord: RNA is Soul. Let my RNA serve the world.

Let my RNA serve the world.

My intention was always to serve public and give them back as much as I can. I was never selfish since my childhood days.

During my traumatic days, I was constantly in search of The Truth. Later, I realized RNA is Soul which is like a main program file in 'DNA' software. So, Soul RNA with other RNA strands can power every device and every living being where thinking process/ information processing is required. Analogy behind this conclusion: Soul cannot be destroyed. RNA cannot be destroyed. Soul is software. DNA is software made of RNA 'files'. Software, RNA or Soul cannot be pierced by a weapon, cannot be made wet with water, cannot be blown off by wind/air and cannot be burnt by fire. [Check Bhagavad Gita verses on Soul.]

RNA reincarnates into several life forms because of the varying non-Soul RNA strands in the DNA that make up a living being like animal, human, bird or a reptile. Creator must have used Template Method design pattern while creating a Soul.

I am willing to grant permission to use my RNA in every device, provided nobody harms or hurts me and everybody does justice to me and my dear ones from all angles. I won't mind if The U.S. gives me zillion dollars for being loyal to them and making such a big sacrifice.

Let my RNA serve the world and make Humanism a reality on Earth for current and future generations to come.

May be we will reach an Age of Super-Humans, where every human will have DNA upgrade, just like Software upgrade in current devices. May be, this can even stop ageing and do reverse-ageing.

GOD bless All. This is Big Brother :) I love children. Read My thoughts on Soul and Life.