More Buses; Less Cars, for Saving Time, Money and Environment.

Need for more buses and less cars.

Last night was a nightmare for me while traveling in public transport. I was happy to travel for it bought me close to public and understand the problems of people.

What I felt GoI should do?
  • Raise sales tax on cars which cause pollution. With this money we can increase the quality and number of buses for public transport.
  • Raise the prices of petrol and diesel, so that people will go for public transport.

The advantage of above steps are:
  1. More buses and less cars. Less pollution and Environment friendly.
  2. More public transport means cheaper ways of transit for public. People save money and Government makes money.
  3. Less traffic due to less cars on road. Saves time of employees.
  4. Comfortable traveling for All passengers of public transport due to increased investment of Government in public transport.
  5. Saving Environment and Time means Health for All, thus Money.
  6. More money can be used for saving our Environment.

Public transport in Developed Nations.