Cons of IT firms from India. Negative values of these employers.

Cons of Indian IT firms.

I have worked for two of top 3 IT firms from India and sharing my experiences with you. Below are their cons:
  1. The promoters look for tax benefits/ exemptions from Government of India, but they hate working for GoI with a ruse that it is not profitable. These firms seek land for free from State Governments, but they don't care to lay roads on the way towards their office buildings.
  2. The promoters think that they made a big favor of employing their staff. They forget that there are here because of their staff. It is their staff which has build their firm, but not them alone. Some employers do their best to stop the growth of their ex-employees. They think thousand times before deciding on to hike the pay of their staff, but exploit them without a second thought.
  3. They give speeches on 'values' in public meetings, but they personally don't have any values. They say there are no significant achievements in recent times from India as if they are American, but not Indian. They are such hypocrites that they don't make IT products themselves and encourage only IT service offerings, but talk about lack of innovation from Indian youth.
  4. The job security at these firms is pathetic.
  5. There are many rascals in the management of these firms who don't think for a single moment before ruining the lives of their rebel subordinates. These rascals expect buttering from their subordinates. Unfortunately, promoters still rely on such dirty managers.
  6. The engineers at these firms do Paradharma of developing software for Global giants but avoid Swadharma of developing software for their motherland. Some go to the extent of working odd hours or night shifts for their foreign clients. This spoils their health because of this Paradharma. Trust me, brain dumping is worse than brain drain because our youth works on menial IT maintenance work from India for some foreign clients, rather than making some innovative stuff.
  7. No pros. All pain, no gain for working for these firms. Right to freedom from our Indian Constitution does not include the right to hurt/ stalk someone.
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