No force can stop this duo in Tamil Nadu.

Kamal Hassan & Rajinikanth.

Nobody in Tamil Nadu hates these duo for their talent and their philanthropic activities. I am a fan of Kamal Hassan, but still I love Rajinikanth for his humility. During my childhood days, I couldn't distinguish between my maternal uncle's photo and that of Kamal Hassan. Sounds crazy, but that is true! Coming to Rajinikanth, many people talked about his spirituality and helping nature which made me feel good of Rajinikanth. Both, Kamal and Rajini have their own ideals.

It was some selfish powerhouses who divided them to conquer both of them and their supporters. I wish Ulaganayagan starts a political party in Tamil Nadu and gets support from Thalaivar. Nobody can ever dream to beat this duo in coming TN assembly elections. This will also save them their good will, time and materials along with possible criticism from each other. Entire film industry will support the duo which would have split, if they choose two different parties.

Let us All vote for both Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth, but not just either of them, because we are not fools to support egos. We must vote for their combined agenda with welfare of All in Tamil Nadu. If this duo forms Government, then we will see tons of welfare activities for common man in Tamil Nadu, with a boost to infrastructural development in Tamil Nadu. I look forward to people friendly Government in Tamil Nadu from this duo.

Duo with their Guru, Balachander.