Sorry, my loved ones, for hurting you All in past. Honestly, it was not in my hands to stop bad mouthing you people when I am agitated due to my traumatic past and when being subject to mind control. I learned a bit and will keep learning more to make you All happy and proud of Everything you did for me. Thanking GOD.

Just because I abused my parents, when I was mad, doesn't mean that I don't love them. I made thousands of prayers and hundreds of sacrifices for them. My brother thought I was teasing him, but he then didn't realize the love underneath it.

Just because I have not said good bye to my loving teachers before leaving the school doesn't mean that I am not grateful to them. I was immature and unaware of such practices then. Never begging my lecturers and professors for marks in internal exams, unlike my fellow students, doesn't mean that I am arrogant. It conveys that I respect them and understand that their decision is final.

I was an introvert and never had guts to express my love for some girls. This doesn't mean that I don't love them.

I abused public because of the agony that I was misunderstood. I wanted to serve the mankind within my abilities. I was ordinary but had an extraordinary vision and ambition. I care for the public.

GOD bless All.
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