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Sincerely yours, Vasanth with Love

The 4 Vedas.

Everything is Information. (Sarada: feminine)
Everything is Energy. (Shakti: feminine)
Everything is Space. (Akash: masculine)
Everything is Wave. (Tarang: masculine)

These are 4 Vedas. Everything is created with Love by The Creators. Time is an illusion. Imagine if you are traveling at the speed of light then according to Einstein's relativity theory your aging stops. Got me? We are simply traveling in Space and experiencing Information with Waves from Energy.

Om Namo Venkatesaya!

Dynamic even distribution of rains.

Honorable Authorities,

Good morning!

Is dynamic even distribution of clouds and thus rains possible? Kindly share this technology with all Nations or do something like GPS after successful inception. This will avoid both floods and droughts globally. This thought is dedicated to the entire staff of AJRC and co-patients at AJRC who helped me recover. Special thanks to Dr.Chandrashekhar, Dr.Jagannath, Dr.Srinivas, Sudha Garu, Dr.Albert, Dr.Siddharth, Dr.Pratyusha, Dr.Neelima, Lingam, Every Staff Member in Kitchen, Rosy Ma'am, Joseph Sir, George Sir, Ramakrishna Reddy Garu, Aditya Agarwal, Suleman, and Noorallah Khan. I wish them all the Best.

You All forgave me so do I.

Let us All celebrate Happy Friendship Day today! Cheers!!

Sincerely yours,

Fall in love with Fallov!

Today, I am glad to inform my well-wishers across the globe that my firm FALLOV INTERNET (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated today. Thank you, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India, and the cleartax Team for handling it smoothly.

Technology has shrunk The Planet into a Global Village. One can reach anybody on the other side of The Planet using social media but how many of us have friendly relations with our neighbors? Fallov Team felt to fill this gap and came up with a solution where users can chat using audio/video with neighbors having similar interests for FREE. Fallov doesn't store chat sessions to ensure 100% privacy along with security and reliability.
We are currently in the process of testing our App. Fallov will be available to the general public from November 2019. Looking forward to your kind patronage. Come, fall in love with Fallov.


Future: Download mobile and print it!

Yes, you read it right! In the future, you won't be shopping electronics from neither a physical store nor an online store but directly download the 3D specification of the electronics from a designer and simply print it at your home with a 3D printer. Most of the times your old cellphone can be recycled into a new cellphone with this technology. Maybe we can even print a 3D printer from a 3D specification using another 3D printer.

We can download the 3D recipe from a DTH channel broadcast of a chef program and simply relish the taste of the dish after our 3D printer, connected to the DTH set-top box, prints our dish!

Not just organs but dead people can be regenerated and not just reincarnated!

Manufacture Anything Anywhere!

Om Namo Ganesha!

Praying to Lord Ganesha to bless me and my blog.

How can we eliminate Corruption in India forever?

Steps to be taken for eliminating corruption in India-
Starts with the elimination of paper currency,Accountability of bank balance with every Citizen,Digitization of assets,Lower income tax rates,Nudge tax evaders to pay taxes,Raise the pay of the Government employees drastically,Bring stricter laws like terminating the employment in case of guilty for corruption,Invite foreign officials with good work ethics to take some positions in Indian Government for auditing and preventing Corruption,Digitize/ Computerize almost every transaction of the Government,Educate common man on his Rights,Give more powers to ethical Government and Public Sector Employees,Reward whistleblowers,Reduce the gap between the Richest and the Poorest by re-distributing wealth,Encourage Giving by Rich,Future generations must be imbibed with the fact that corruption and cheating is illegal and unethical,Reward Citizens with commission in the illegal assets attached by GoI because of them,Allow the public to impe…