Monday, 2 February 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Better ambition for India. Patriotic politicians.

Better ambition for India.

Everybody has limitations and the one who is aware of them will follow the flow rather than resist the flow. I am always surprised our politicians' claim to make India a superpower. Don't you think this will irk US, Russia, their allies and their foes? The reason is nobody wants to be bossed upon by having another superpower.

The Government of India wastes a lot of money on defense sector by not focussing on friendly diplomatic relations with its neighbors. I am surprised Indian Army Men who claim to be patriotic buy luxurious sedans of foreign brands, thus wasting Indian forex reserves. If India saves the interests of Pakistan and China in a diplomatic manner, then why will they infiltrate India? I believe Defence doesn't mean to have the arsenal to attack our enemies, but having systems to track and stop attacks on our nation. What if our enemy gets control of our nation's arsenal and uses it against us?

Democracy doesn't mean freedom to do crimes. Freedom of speech doesn't mean to insult others in open. Wake up India!!

Our politicians must aim to make India a better place for every Indian to live by fixing the issues in our system rather than trying to make India a superpower. The primary issues or burning problems of our nation are struggling relations with Pakistan, corruption in roots, unemployed youth, overpopulation, trade deficit, poor healthcare for the common man and brain dump. Not everything is negative about India, the world's largest democracy which is a living example of Unity in diversity. GOD bless all our politicians with true patriotism and this ambition.