Saturday, 9 May 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Humanism: An alternative to Capitalism and Communism.

Dream to Live free.

I would love to share my dream, since Ages, in this post with the public. Starting from my childhood in Bhimavaram I wished I end the poverty on Earth so that everybody lives a better life without begging.

I believe we All Humans must move towards Humanism, a more matured model of society, rather than confining ourselves to Capitalism, Communism, and Patriotism.

The primary intention of Humanism is to create an equal platform for every Human to live his/ her life on par with every other Human. This means both the richest and the poorest live life equally better. The question is how do we move towards Humanism.
  1. No more banks. Most of the money in stock markets and businesses is idle/ doesn't exist and has created a wide gap between the richest and the poorest. Governments must seize all the bank accounts with balances above some ceiling like USD 100 million for the benefit of Every Global Citizen. With that money, Government can fund all the Businesses across the Globe to sell their products/ services/ utilities that can be afforded by the Poorest of the Poor. Understand I did not say 'No money'. Money is the driver for making people work for society. By closing banks, All the Richest will have their physical assets and leave them with a cash of USD 10 million only. I know people hate counting cash. This can be avoided, if we have DNA secured wallets, with All our Humans, which are connected to a supercomputer of one and only global central bank.
  2. No more borders. This means no war and no military thus enabling Global Citizen to live in any part of the world they like. No war and no military means no more wasting resources of a Nation. Just like the European Union, we can have the Global Union.
  3. No more religions. Only love marriages and no discrimination based on caste, creed or religion.

The reason why I wanted to make this a reality- What if I am born as Human on Earth again? I would be happy to see 'Humanism' in practice by our society on Earth then, for I have gone through several insults and hardships in making money in this life. GOD bless All. This thought is the outcome of guidance from some supercomputers, in the US, since 2011. Let Everybody win bread and butter in The Flat World. It is always recommended to reboot the system when it fails. Don't wait for the system to go corrupt, but reboot it at the earliest. This is the only alternative in our current global scenario.