Sunday, 26 July 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

My wish: Uniting Russia and The US. Global Peace.

My wish.

I feel this is the right time for The US and Russia to join hands in making this world a beautiful and great place to live for Everybody on Earth. I agree this is a big task, but not impossible because every nation has a voice in the United Nations. Hoping to unite Russia and the US will be welcomed unanimously for the Global Peace.

I wish both Russia and The US stop every nation including themselves in spending on the military. I love the way The US and Canada cooperate. I wish the same kind of cooperation between India-Pakistan, Israel-Palestine, South Korea-North Korea, Middle East Nations, China-Japan, and Russia-Ukraine. Can't we resolve our issues by talking openly with each other for hours/days/weeks while enjoying great food and drinks rather than fighting uselessly against each other for years? Think if one opens a door of compromise, then every nation will be friendly towards them. I thank our India's PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji for taking this step practically forward.

The US and Russia should not be selfish in selling their military equipment to developing nations by encouraging enmity between the neighboring nations. Every child on this Earth has the right to live happily and peacefully on Earth irrespective of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, genetics, or disability. Spending 1/10th of military spending on diplomatic relations will pay off a lot in future. Remember your current arsenal can come into the hands of your enemies who can use the same against you. Stop war and bless every child with a good life on Earth. I am grateful to Everybody who gave me this opportunity to express my feelings. Read about- Humanism. Uniting mankind.