Friday, 28 August 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Advice for Lovers: Love Loving.

The most beautiful thing in GOD's Creation is falling in love with someone. Even GOD likes those who fall in love and blesses them with all the best things they deserve. Falling in love is usually accidental and one can fall in love anytime with anybody. Just like the way you are waiting for your soulmate to come into your life, your soulmate is also waiting for you. Everything looks positive and beautiful in your life when you fall in love.

Love has no barriers and true love is blind. True love can even defeat GOD and change your destiny. Unconditional love makes you feel to live for your love. Falling in love also keeps one physically and mentally healthy for it helps in creating some good hormones in our body which was proven scientifically.

Never express your feelings for your love with others, until you express those feelings with your love because that can have serious repercussions like your love being snatched away. Make the first move to express your love for your love when you get a right opportunity, rather than waiting for your love to approach you. Failure in love is the worst thing to happen to anybody because suddenly you have to face the wrath of GOD. Never fail in Love. At the same time, love yourself, so that you don't sacrifice everything for your love.

I agree love is blind. At the same time, don't ignore those who love you for the sake of your love because being loved is a bigger blessing than loving your love. Being practical in love matters is crucial to be happy in future.

Be honest with your love and yourself to keep your love intact. Don't have any expectations from your love except for reciprocation of true love from them. If you are expecting something from your love, then it is surely not loving. Remember, money cannot buy everything, but Love can do miracles when most unexpected.

If you are not intending to continue sharing your life with your love, then do it gracefully on cordial terms, so that they don't stalk you in future for being expelled out of your life.

May GOD bless Everybody with love and their soulmate in their life. I wish true love wins forever and always.

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