Sunday, 9 August 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Best Boss, lead by example.

Qualities of a Best Boss.

The Best Boss is one who:
  1. thinks that s/he too is working for a firm just like the Team members under him/her and grooms them towards the organizational goals.
  2. is a patient listener and loves to help one's Team members compassionately with empathy.
  3. doesn't steal the credit from the Team members upon success and attributes one's success to the Team by being loyal and honest to the Team.
  4. doesn't make one's Team members scapegoat for failure, rather takes responsibility for every outcome.
  5. creates fun-loving moments across the Team and doesn't apply 'divide and conquer' strategy among one's Team members.
  6. does not micromanage the activities of the Team members, but be capable of micro-guiding the Team members in completing their duties and avoid rework.
  7. trusts one's Team and is capable of delegating right tasks to right team members.
  8. rewards one's Team members openly for a task well done and corrects one's Team members for their improvement privately.
  9. encourages Team members to perform tasks they like, think out-of-the-box and ensure the organization promotes those who excelled in completing such tasks.
  10. respects all of one's subordinates, peers and managers.
  11. doesn't make the subordinates to feel being exploited.
  12. has good values and believes in leading by example at work.