Monday, 17 August 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

My feelings for Iraqis. The best path for Iraq to succeed.


I feel so sorry for the innocent Iraqis paid such a big price for the mistake of their leader, Saddam Hussein, in past. Just because US suspected Iraq possessing chemical weapons lead to a war and killed thousands of Iraqis in the name of the world's peace and protecting US interests. It is a shame that no leader has then condemned the act of US when they started a war against Iraq in 2003. Iraqis used to enjoy rich lives before the war, but they started suffering after the US has attacked them. I wish every country which imported oil from Iraq pre-Iraq-US war must make reparations to them now so that Iraq attains its past glory in future. Iraq was one of the friendliest nations to India and I wish that continues in future as well. My wish: Iraq, succeed.

I wish militants from Muslim community realize that they can achieve their goals by negotiating with Governments rather than killing and dying. I pray for the peace of militants across the globe and their joining back into the regular stream of society. See 'All'ah has All, but not just Muslims. Fighting ruins both the parties. Stop the war!!! Ask America what you want and you may get more than what you asked for. Trust me, most of the Americans are Angels. See how Japan, China and most of the countries in Middle-East prospered with the support from the US. GOD bless All. Terrorists are considered as enemies of All civilians i.e. 'All'ah. A true believer in 'All'ah will not kill innocent people.

An Iraqi soldier carries a displaced kid from Ramadi on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq.
An Iraqi soldier carries a displaced kid from Ramadi on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq.

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