Saturday, 12 September 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

GOD does not discriminate.

GOD created five elements, namely, Earth, Air, Water, Space (Sky) and Fire.

Did Earth discriminate somebody by not allowing to grow plants/ crops on it and allow others to grow plants/ crops? NO, Right.
Did Air discriminate by not comforting either of a rich person or a poor person with its cool breeze? NO, Right.
Did Water discriminate rich and poor by not quenching the thirst of either? NO, Right.
Did Space (Sky) discriminate by not showering Sunlight/ Moonlight on a poor man's hut, but shower on the bungalow of a rich guy? NO, Right.
Did Fire discriminate people from different caste/ religion by not allowing to cook food using it in either's home? NO, Right.

We are made up of these Five Elements and are surrounded by these Five Elements, then why do we fight and discriminate against each other? GOD does not discriminate and never discriminated against us. It is our society which created these barriers among ourselves. Let us stay united and enjoy the fruits of GOD equally. There is nothing wrong in donating some of your food to the poor when you have some extra food. Being kind towards Poor is enough to change our current system. Remember, your wealth does not follow you after Death. The pious deeds you do by serving the needy will please GOD and you will be remembered for generations to come.

GOD does not discriminate.