Sunday, 13 September 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

My message to children for I love them.

Lovely children. My message to kids.

My Dear Child,

Welcome to this beautiful world!!

Thank your Mom and Dad every time you get a chance, for bringing you into this world. Remember they are your best well-wishers and love you unconditionally without expecting material benefits from you. They will be happy when you first start saying sweet words like 'Mama' and 'Papa'. They will jump with joy when you first walk on your own little feet without holding their finger.

Now you have started growing. It is fun to watch you grow. As every child is curious about the surrounding Maya and his/her existence in the world, you must be wondering what to do. Good Question. My answer to this question is only one word, "LOVE". Love Everybody and Everything GOD has created around you. Love your parents for their unconditional love towards you. Love your siblings for the pranks they love playing with you. Love your relatives for their care and hospitality towards you. Love your teachers for they groom you into a good citizen. Love your friends for they are the ones who will be with you in needy times. Love your enemies, if you have any, for they see the defects in you and expect you to correct them, thus making you much better. Love Everybody because it is this attachment that makes one have a rebirth.

As you are growing into an adult, you might be pondering what will you do in your life. Important Question. My answer to this question is also a single word, "GIVE". It is the society which gave us Everything we have and will have. So, Give back to the society as much Good as you can because What you Give is What you Get.

Once you have a family of your own, what you should do is "LIVE", but not die as if you never existed.

Good luck Kids!! Happy Growing. This loving message is only for you, children!

Sincerely Yours,