Sunday, 13 September 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Why is India still a developing country?

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Reasons why India is still a developing country:
  1. Prevailing Corruption in the Nation post-independence.
  2. The Huge population which competes for limited local resources.
  3. A Bigger chunk of yearly budget spending on Defence.
  4. Discrimination based on caste/ religion.
  5. Division among people based on region/ religion/ mother tongue. This makes workplace politics common. The useless and damaging jealousy which Westerners termed it as 'crab mentality'.
  6. Low literacy among people in India for most of them cannot afford Education.
  7. Not encouraging real talent causing brain drain which in turn causes lack of indigenous technology with us.
  8. Poor infrastructure of transportation for connecting people. The quality of material used while laying roads must be improved. Our contractors for sake of money use the low-quality material in laying roads which get spoiled as soon as it starts raining. Planned construction of good quality infrastructural properties will save Government of India lot of money by avoiding rework/ repair of infrastructural assets in future.
  9. Lack of self-reliance in Energy sector/ Power sector.
  10. Lack of health and hygiene awareness among poverty struck people.
  11. Lack of penetration of Government of India into remotest rural areas.
  12. Agriculture is now a dwindling sector with lots of farmers committing suicide due to Climate Change and lack of proper support from Government.
  13. An alarming rise in crime rate due to the increasing gap between the Richest and the Poorest.
  14. Rupee degradation since our Independence due to importing 6 out of 10 goods we use in our daily life.
  15. British rule in India in past.
I have laid the above points based on my limited knowledge and intend to point them so that India will become a developed nation. I have no animosity towards my fellow Indians. I expect you to share/ discuss on this so that we move towards Developed India.