Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Third World War. Evil versus Good.

Air Force showering Shells of Love.

I see there is a cold war, a fight for resources, going on Earth among various sections of the global society since 1980. I don't care whether I win or lose in the World War III. I only wish True Love and Good to win the World War III because Evil will not stop war whereas Good will bring Peace. I hope this cold war will end soon by end of 2016 and will be the last war fought on Earth. Let Love and sincere Cooperation among nations, its citizens and businesses rule the World forever after this war. I sincerely wish nobody to be killed in The Third World War, but only reformed to be better humans.

Cupid, Not Stupid. Love can stop The Third World War.

I pray to All to terminate Evil forever and save Good forever as soon as possible without taking anybody's life. I wish our enemies' hatred for us is turned into sincere LOVE for us without doing any Evil to our enemies. We can do this with Air Force showering the World with Shells of Love Everywhere so that there is no Evil in the mind of every citizen across the Globe by imbibing Love for others in All. Why do you want to be hated, when you can be admired? GOD bless All. Read my dream: Humanism. I want Everyone to realize and feel 'We All are One and We All Won'. This post is dedicated to All my fellow Indians who took good care of me. All the Intellectual Property Rights on this thought belong to Government of India and Indians.