Sunday, 18 October 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Survive Recession. Mantra to come out of Recession.


Here is the mantra I believe that will help us survive recession-


This mantra applies to all humans, all businesses and all nations across the globe.

The advantages of cooperation:
for nations: No more war and a deep cut in defense spending, thus allowing to divert that money to development programmes for its citizens. Healthy diplomatic relations among nations. A Give and Take philosophy among nations. Global Peace.

for businesses: Due to competition among players in an industry market have started price-war leading to dwindling profits for the businesses. No wastage of resources and effort by cutting down the redundant duplicate operations of the business thus saving time and money. For example, all businesses of a pharmaceutical industry can cooperate with each other by using the same R&D department. Another example is all the e-commerce stores rely on third-party delivery operators to deliver items to their customers, thus enabling low Total Cost of Ownership. Similarly, all mobile service providers switched to tower sharing and separated their tower management into a subsidiary they own. Businesses can extend their gains to their customers with the savings they make due to their cooperation among their counterparts. I hope this will bring down inflation and increase the purchasing power of All. I agree there will be huge unemployment due to this, but slowly people will start exploring new ways of work and earning their bread-n-butter while enjoying what they do putting an end to their rat race. A new generation of start-ups will come into the picture.

for citizens: Real estate, jewelry, and other luxurious item prices have shot up due to competition among people for the same resource. Live and let live philosophy is needed.

The logic behind this is high body temperature of a feverish patient goes down when the patient is subjected to hot temperature. Fighting against recession, similar to sailing against opposite currents in a river, will only make it worse. Following it and allowing it for the happiness in everybody's life is the need of the hour. Technological advancements and innovative automation have led to layoffs, thus leading to current Recession. So, if we fight against Recession, then it will only make things much worse.

Recession is bound to create a flat world for our Humans to celebrate "Humanism" in near future and forever thereafter.

Survive Recession.