Sunday, 20 December 2015

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Lesson to be learned by Humans from Nature.

Nature recycles Everything in it. The five elements, namely, Air, Earth, Fire, Space, and Water along with the Intelligent Soul [RNA] are recycled and are given new form by Nature. Similarly, cosmic balance does equal justice for All. If you wrong somebody today, ignoring this fact, then you are bound to suffer in future. Being good and doing good, will do one a world of goodness.

Recycling nature of GOD's Creation proves that nothing is permanent, so are our problems. It concludes that our problems are caused by cosmic balance to clean our Soul for all the sins we committed in past, just like the hot Sun evaporates non-consumable salty sea water and causes rainfall/ snowfall on Earth used for our needs. Starting being good and doing good today can keep us happy and better off in future. Remember, "What you give is what you get". Even Time is a Cycle. This is the lesson that we Humans learn. Ultimately, being learned helps all.

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