Friday, 22 January 2016

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Why Allah has no picture? Why Muslims disbelieve idol worship?

Why Allah has no form? Why Allah has no picture?

I see most of the Muslims across the world are against idol worship because they say 'Allah has no form'. Today I realized the reason behind it.

Allah has created The World. = One Supreme Being with Intelligence and Energy created Our World. = Allah is Supreme, Intelligence, Energy and much more as per Quran. = Operating System (The Supreme Being: Paramatma as per Hinduism) which runs the worlds has no form. = Intelligence (Vedas considered GOD Himself in Hinduism) has no form. = Energy (Shakti in Hinduism) has no form. = Allah has no form. = Allah is above Intelligence because nobody can describe Allah. = Allah is beyond four dimensions of space-time and we cannot even visualize him in our life with our three-dimensional brain. Or, maybe, Prophet Muhammad realized 'Everything is Information'.

I feel GOD/ Allah has never discriminated against us. It is our global society which fights in the name of religion. Allah/ GOD/ Religion never said to kill anybody. I was only able to donate a meager amount to Syria's hungry children, but I feel it is ISIS which should supply food to poor children in Syria and stop attacks on innocent people.

I wish militants to stop hating and start loving people around them by seeing their children in other's children and their parents in other's parents. It is time for ISIS to play a win-win game by surrendering to Good and join back the mainstream of our global society. Allah has given us life to live for others, but not to die for others or kill others. Read Jihad: A Misunderstood Concept of Islam. I pray to Allah for The Peace to All. GOD bless All. 'All'ah has All. All even includes all the so-called militants across the world :)

I have given the above advice based on my experiences in the past which taught me 'Hating someone is not good for our health'. LOVE gives PEACE of MIND with GREAT PRIDE & SATISFACTION, unlike HATE.

The Explanation of the 13 Attributes of Allah:
These thirteen (13) attributes are: Existence (al-Wujud), Oneness (al-Wahdaniyyah), Eternity (al-Qidam), Everlastingness (al-Baqa'), Non-neediness of others (al-Qiyamu bin-Nafs), Non-resemblance to the creatures (al-mukhalafatu lil-hawadith), Power (al-Qudrah), Will (al-Iradah), Knowledge (al-^Ilm), Life (al-Hayah), Hearing (as-Sam^), Sight (al-Basar), and Speech (al-Kalam). Read more at 13 Attributes of Allah.

Muslims offering prayers in Mecca.

My Dear Muslim Friends, I have no intention to hurt you or our fellow Muslims. My only wish is 'Peace for All'. I sincerely agree because of some extremists, our Muslims are being mistaken as 'militants'. I sincerely want India's ally Iraq to prosper and regain its past glory. This can be achieved only when there is Peace in Iraq and its neighboring nations. Let us compete in doing good and being good, but not in being bad.

Pakistan, please be a good brother of India. Let Pakistan and India have a healthy competition in eradicating poverty from our communities with Nation building on both sides. I sincerely pray to Allah to turn Pakistan and India into good brotherly countries allowing both Nations to cooperate with each other in all aspects. Allah, please forgive me for my sins in past and bless me with Goodness.

If Allah can turn night into day, then surely ALLAH can turn the darkness of your life into happiness and prosperity. Trust in Allah.