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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

My expectations from the Head of our Nation.

My expectations from the Head of our Nation.

  1. Introduce a law that allows the public to punish the sexual molesters of kids and women up to some limited period of 14 months after proving guilty.
  2. Children below teenage should not be beaten, but only reformed through love, care, and counseling from physicians.
  3. Introduce transparent insurance of crops of every farmer across the whole Nation. Never let our 'Annadata' suffer. Make agriculture profitable with the help of all the available technologies.
  4. Policemen and public servants on duty should be served free food at any restaurant with the turnover exceeding Rs.3 lacs pm up to bill amount not exceeding Rs.100/- per day without take home facility.
  5. More indirect taxation and less direct tax cuts on income. This will encourage savings for All in our employee class and also help them meet their needs. Need more taxes on luxuries. Let the employee class have more money to afford luxuries and thus pay indirect taxes.
  6. Achieve self-reliance in power sector, while cutting down environmental pollution due to fossil fuels.
  7. Ensure every citizen in India performs one's duties sincerely by creating a positive environment for the same. Digitize all Government transactions for transparency and to avoid corruption.
  8. Cut down the costs of government campaigns in media and divert that money to the public servants who run the concerned Government Schemes.
  9. Remove caste and religion columns from Government databases. Reduce Indians' bias based on caste feeling by punishing the abettors of the crime and doing justice to the victim.
  10. No more investment in killer weapons or military. More focus on diplomacy and friendly relations with all the Nations on Earth. Give and Take policy with Nations like bartering without the need of foreign exchange in a beneficial way to all the parties involved.
  11. Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy to only defend our Nation from natural calamities and attacks from enemies.
  12. Get all the black money of our Indians back to India.
  13. More grants from Government to public schools, Government hospitals, and NGOs.
  14. Never punish an innocent citizen and provide equal access to Justice for every Indian.
  15. Stop brain dumping and discourage brain drain.

Narendra Modi Ji, Prime Minister of India.