Friday, 1 April 2016

Vasanth Nagulakonda

India, avoid temporary fixes and GO for permanent solutions.

Need of the hour for India.

Yesterday, it started raining in my neighborhood and within an hour the power supply was cut. Thanks to the untiring State Electricity Board contractors and employees for reviving the power supply after 7+ hours in mid-night. Then, I realized what a mistake our Indians have done. Since days of our Independence, our Indians started selling their votes for liquor or a biryani packet during assembly/ parliament elections and gave power to corrupt uneducated people. There was not a single leader who talked about the problems of our poor Indians except during election campaigns because most of these leaders wished that the poor remain poor so that their votes can be bought during every election. The remaining ethical leaders had fear to raise their voice against such corrupt leaders. I agree there are very few exceptions to this last statement.

There are permanent solutions to all our problems in India, still, our Governments went for temporary fixes with a ruse that there is either less time or fewer funds which caused waste of both money and time till date due to repetitive rework/ maintenance.

I wish Governments invite and allow only well established corporate firms for building our infrastructure (roads, highways, flyovers, metros, water supply lines, drainage, power lines, government buildings). The government must bear All the material costs of the construction and pay 100-400% more as profits to the corporate firm with a clause that the firm is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure for next 10 years free of cost along with penalty to Government in case of damages. This will make the construction firm to use quality material and latest technology to build the infrastructure. This will save time and money for both the firm and Government. At the same time, the corporate firms can get knowledge transfer from their foreign counterparts for building the required infrastructure in the best possible way. We should have an infrastructure which can withstand natural wear and tear to remain intact for almost lifetime. We All Indians need leaders who take 1-2 years to plan, ensure coordination among all departments and implement that plan for building infrastructure for another 3-4 years so that time+money is saved in long-term. Don't we see that roads are laid and within 3 months the roads are dug for laying water pipes due to lack of coordination among concerned departments? A centralized system with a mobile app can resolve this issue by allowing the Government Departments to coordinate with other Departments and synchronize their works.

To be honest, I am already seeing such changes in Andhra and Telangana due to visionary leaders like Andhra CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu Garu and Telangana CM KCR Garu. Also, let us encourage CMs like Devendra Fadnavis Ji and Arvind Kejriwal Ji.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. The former is a temporary fix, the latter one is a permanent solution. Educating a child and allowing him/ her to work to feed his/ her family is a permanent solution. Repairing a bad road is a temporary fix, whereas laying a good road which can withstand wear and tear is a permanent solution. Loan waiver for farmers is a temporary fix. Insurance of crop for farmers is a permanent solution. Campaigns by celebrities and media for Swachh Bharat is a temporary fix. Empowering more sanitation workers with more pay to keep public places immaculately clean, so that nobody feels to litter at such places, is a permanent solution. Taking precautions every year to prevent losses from floods is a temporary fix. Building reservoirs over rivers and connecting rivers for proper usage of water by the Government departments is a permanent solution. War is a temporary fix. Peace is a permanent solution. Punishing an evil person for a crime is a temporary fix because that only inculcates hatred against the System in that person's mind and little fear in the remaining ignorant people. Terminating Evil in every person by reforming everybody using psycho-therapy via all mediums of communication is a permanent solution.

For every problem we Indians have, we should analyze and plan well before achieving a permanent solution. This will make India a developed country.

Avoid temporary fixes and opt for permanent solutions.