Saturday, 21 May 2016

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Download Soul. RNA Computing.

Power of Soul. Soul Computing. RNA Computing.

Read RNA is Soul.

If the Soul [RNA, a file in DNA, software] in our body is Information, then can't we download the Soul of a Selfless Intelligent Human with everybody's consent into a supercomputer and make the Soul run this World while resolving All the issues of our mankind in All times. Such Soul is Divine Soul, Paramatma in Hinduism, and the rest are Happy Souls, Atma(s) in Hinduism. This is Soul/ RNA Computing and one step towards achieving GOD.

Since DNA is Software/ Information, one can do all the possible CRUD operations on DNA Information, namely, Create/ Clone, Read/ Search, Update/ Transform and Delete/ Destroy, to produce DNA Computers, Humanoids or much better Humans. With Cloning of a DNA, one can give rebirth to the Wronged. One can even Search for disease-causing genes in The DNA of an embryo and transform the DNA to prevent diseases in the newborn. One can annihilate/ remove DNAs which are a threat to The World just like the way virus in a Computer is quarantined.

One can even upgrade the DNA of a Human to cure native's ailments and stop aging of the native, like the way OS is upgraded regularly on our devices for bug fixes and enhancements.

These are just my thoughts. Way towards DNAQL [DNA Query Language] :)