Thursday, 12 May 2016

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Hinduism: Who is Paramatma? How Hindus worship GOD?

Hindu GOD. Divine Soul (Paramatma). Almighty.

The followers of Hinduism offer prayers to GOD by worshiping GOD's Creation, Nature surrounding us, and expressing their gratitude towards The Creator for His Creation. Hindus see GOD in Everybody and in Everything. When Atma is the driving force of a living being like a Software program in a Computer, Hindus see the pervasive GOD as Paramatma who runs the world just like an Operating System controlling a Computer and the Software Applications running in it.

Atma is Soul. Soul is Software. Atma is Software.
Paramatma is Divine Soul/ Almighty. Divine Soul (Almighty) runs The Universe and Atma(s) in it. Operating System runs a Computer and Apps in it. The Universe is a Computer. Thus, Paramatma is Operating System.

No Atma [Soul] can exceed Paramatma [Divine Soul/ Almighty]. Atma [Soul] is limited by Paramatma [Divine Soul/ Almighty], just like Software Application running within Operating System.

Hindus worship the Five Elements, Nava Grahas (planets), Rivers, Oceans, Hills, Trees, Animals, Reptiles and Great Humans for teaching their children to see GOD in Everything and not to harm the Nature's ecological balance. Hindu's rituals are environment-friendly and imbibe within its followers how to live and let live. It is this kind of belief which makes Unity in Diversity from India.

To give some examples, Hindus perform Surya Namaskar, prayers to Sun during sunrise, as part of the daily ritual meant to bless the devotee with good health. Hindus bathe in Ganga to cleanse/ wash away one's sins. Hindus worship Lord Rama and Lord Krishna to learn from their lives and lead a righteous life. To put it simply, Hindus believe 'All are GOD and GOD is All'.

Ancient sages from India have solved all the puzzles of mankind, but it is the invaders of the Nation who destroyed the glory of our motherland by ruining the scriptures from our sages. Jai Hind!! GOD bless All.