Thursday, 11 August 2016

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Solution for Recession. Stress less livelihood.

Stop Recession.

Change standard work hours per day from 8 hours/day to 6 hours/day, a blessing from automation of our manual jobs. I know you are smart enough to understand that this will keep everyone happy.

Pros for employee:
  1. Fewer work hours means less stress for the worker/ employee.
  2. Less stress means fewer health concerns.
  3. Fewer health concerns mean saving money.
  4. Saving money means more money in the bank.
  5. More money means good livelihood.
  6. Good livelihood means a happy family.
  7. Happy families mean less crime rate.
  8. Less crime rate means peaceful community.
  9. Peaceful communities mean Great Nation.

Pros for an employer:
  1. Fewer work hours means less wastage of work hours and resources.
  2. Less wastage of work hours and resources means fewer costs.
  3. Fewer costs mean more profits.
  4. More profits mean healthy business.
  5. Healthy businesses mean more growth and more employment.
  6. More growth and more employment mean Prosperous Nation.