Friday, 4 November 2016

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Eradicate poverty. Sell Local Solutions for Global problems.

Hindu Goddess of Food.

Bharat, the mother of India and it's current divided Nations, gave Vedas (Science of Everything) to the World Ages ago. Modernization from West killed the respect and learning of these holy scriptures. Vedas provide local solutions to every problem mankind face, so respect a true learner of Vedas.

I remember reading that one should sell salt in the town, but not in beach and indeed sell tamarind in a beach. Businesses should go places where their local solutions can solve global problems. For example, there is a lot of scarcity of food in Africa. Resilient Indian farmers should migrate to Africa to do agriculture supplying food to All over the World at affordable prices especially for poor and weaker sections of the society. Hunger is a global problem. Producing food in Africa by Indians is a local solution. I also remember Africa is rich in Soil, Vast Lands and has great Climate for a profitable raising of crops. This will raise the living standards of both Africans and Everybody across the Globe. God bless All. Time to eradicate poverty, a Global problem, with Local Solutions from Developed Nations.

If Indians start attacking global problems with their local solutions, then we are not far from making Earth into Heavenly Earth. We should learn how the US rules the roost with its technology for a common man. Last but not the least, I admire and respect Russians for their support to good causes. Did anybody say 'Global Solutions for Local problems'? Please comment on your views below.