Sunday, 25 December 2016

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Economy of India: Biggest flaw in building Indian Infrastructure.

Poor Indian Infrastructure: Roads in Hyderabad since 2010.

As an Indian, I always observed that the roads in Hyderabad are laid every once in 2 years. As soon as the roads are laid, the roads are dug for water/sewage pipe works. I see lack of coordination among Government Departments and Testing the Water/Sewage pipes before finishing the road layouts. The different Government Departments should coordinate and test the remaining adjacent infrastructure before proceeding further leading to Quality Infrastructure in India with longer durability thus saving material and time. Government must educate Infrastructure Builders to test for Compliance with Quality. Removing this biggest flaw will help in building India.

Don't worry, there is Good news here: Hyderabad City roads will be Privatized, GHMC will Not be involved anymore.