Friday, 13 January 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Allah, Buddha, Jesus & Ram belong to All.

Lord Rama.

Most of the Muslims across the world, especially from the Indian subcontinent, will say that Rama is a good son, a good brother, a loyal husband and a great ruler. Rama just doesn't belong to India, but the entire Indian subcontinent including Pakistan.

Jesus Christ.
No Human on Earth ignores the message of Jesus Christ. Hindus from India never insult Him. Such a Great Human is revered by Everybody across The World.

Lord Buddha.
I have limited awareness of Lord Buddha, but I remember studying about Him in my school History books. He is considered as one of the Incarnations of Lord Vishnu by Hindus.

Hindus from India know that Allah is The Creator and abode of Muslims' faith. Everybody agrees that The Creator must be worshipped. Allah just doesn't belong to Islam community, but the whole world.

Share this post with your friends, if you believe that God is One and for All. Let us remove the discrimination on the basis of religious faith from Everybody's heart wholeheartedly.

Don't worry, I have not made a single penny out of this Blog. I am sharing this Blog with You for accruing some good karma and wash away my past sins.