Sunday, 23 April 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

GOD bless our farmers, Our Food Producer.

Old methods of cultivating land in India.

I observed it is our farmers who show no discrimination on who eats the food they produce. Most of them never complain about their problems with others. Some of them, who suffered losses due to bad crop/ bad weather/ bad loans/ bad market commit suicide. Farmers especially in developing and under-developed Nations are so innocent, due to illiteracy, that they are being exploited since Modern Age. We All Global Citizens must realize this fact and show empathy for our farmers. Without a farmer, no matter how rich we are, we cannot eat food that we relish every day.

What do we do with this issue? Simple, support every action which helps farmers. Some of such steps are:
  • Ensure farmers, our food producer, get insured loans from banks, irrespective of their past debts. Trust me, no farmer cheats when he makes money. Trusting a farmer is bound to lead to a Prosperous Nation because he is the backbone of our economy.
  • Ensure farmers get seeds and pesticides from Government via NGOs which are not bothered about profits. Any organization which sells fake seeds and useless pesticides must be punished. Farmers should be educated in producing organic fertilizers, rather than making them buy from the market.
  • Ensure educated and unemployed youth is hired by Government to guide farmers and the people in the village personally. I am sure many students will come forward for such posts if Government provides them with decent benefits and perks. The more the intellectuals stay in villages, the more the villages will prosper. This is a win-win situation for All. Unemployed intellectuals will get a job which gives them job satisfaction. Farmers will be enlightened with such intellectuals in their village. Good crops for our Nation and more profits for our farmers. Note: Such employees must be provided with a laptop and Internet connection to connect the local farmers to the world. Anybody who wants to volunteer for such work is welcome because poor farmers need someone educated to guide them every day.
  • I see some farmers cause so much pain to Mother Earth during farming that She gets angry. Mother Earth is the Goddess, who must be offered prayers before starting cultivation of any new crop. This will please Mother Earth and She will bless us with good crop along with good weather.
  • Banks must provide crop insurance and life insurance along with the loan, to farmers, with a nominal fee. This will keep our farmers and their families happy. It is the duty of our bankers to educate farmers on this.
  • Anybody who deceives a farmer must be penalized with a new law for it.
  • We, people, should encourage farmers and their kith & kin selling vegetables/ fruits on streets. It is always advisable not to bargain with them because they cannot build bungalows for themselves with the little profits they make.
  • Farmers should be educated on how to save their crop and keep their crop fresh. The government must encourage food processing centers near to most of the villages.
  • Farmers must be united to sell their crop at the price they decide. Don't we allow the restaurant owner to decide the price of the food he serves? Then, why not our farmer?
  • Stop Climate Change to avoid losing crops due to bad weather. Plant trees and Save trees. Avoid dependence on fossil fuels. Use carpooling or other ways of saving petrol/ diesel/ gasoline. Give up Government's subsidy on cooking gas, so that people below the poverty line can avail the cooking gas connection for free.

GOD has created food to give life, man has created money to take life. Please don't take the lives of poor farmers for little money. Show empathy for our farmers. JAI KISAN!!!

Happy Farmer. Happy Nation.