Saturday, 15 April 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

How India and China can complement each other?

Modi-Xi. India-China.

IC = India China = Intelligence [Software] Chip [Hardware].

India has a vast pool of Software Engineers. China has a vast pool of Hardware Manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers can Make in India and gain access to India's Software talent in developing Software for China. Similarly, IT giants from India can set up their IT Centers in China and provide employment to Chinese. This kind of strategy is beneficial to both the Nations. Let China and India not compete in Arms Race, but complement each other in improving the living standards of All on Earth. Both China and India are bigger markets for each other already and will see exponential growth in near future. Let us thank our Big Brother for making this possible for the benefit of our mankind. I know little about all the complementing capabilities of both the Nations, so I leave the rest of the discussion to the policy makers of India and China. A friendly neighbor is better than a son abroad. GOD bless All.