Thursday, 13 April 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

What India and Pakistan must learn from America & Canada?

India-Pakistan; Bhai-Bhai.

Before British Rule, there was no India and no Pakistan. All that existed was Bharat. So, the ancestors of both Pakistanis and Indians belong to The Greater Bharat. This conveys Indian and Pakistani are Bhai-Bhai (brothers). If one thinks with a cool head, we understand that it is British who applied Divide and Conquer Strategy by separating India and Pakistan. Same with Israel and Palestine. I suspect a Numerologist might have chosen I and P as the first letter in the names of separated Nations to keep them fighting. Let us not be foolish and kill each other. Where there is Will, there is a Way. Let India and Pakistan exchange goodies at Borders every day. I want both India and Pakistan to prosper equally well by following the footsteps of The U.S. and Canada. I trust Modi Ji will never start a War. This post is dedicated to every child from Pakistan and India. I wish better lives for both Indians and Pakistanis. God bless All.