Friday, 21 April 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Why Donald Trump must be respected?

Donald John Trump, POTUS.

Please find reasons why Donald John Trump must be respected as a person:
  1. He is straightforward and doesn't play games with others by keeping people in dark.
  2. He fought all the odds against him during Presidential Elections and still won the race which means he has God's grace.
  3. He has a fair foreign policy and has no intentions to backstab other Nations.
  4. He does what he thinks is right. Yes, he might be wrong in what he thinks right sometimes. So, we must only convince him that he is wrong if needed.
  5. He befriended his Russian counterparts to put an END to All Wars across Earth.
  6. He has been grateful to Everybody who helped him during Presidential Elections. A grateful enemy is better than an ungrateful friend who is of no use. Better an honest enemy than a false friend. He talks and acts as if he is averse to Muslims, but he will do good to Muslims. He is a caring and loving father. What more can you ask from a man? A person who loves his children will never harm others' child.
  7. It is the media that is averse towards Donald John Trump and we must not get fooled by such media. He took complete responsibility for recent attacks on Syrian Airbase and terrorist's hideout in Afghanistan by the US. This is a quality of a true leader. I suspect POTUS Donald John Trump might seem tough outside, but very soft inside, just like me.

Nobody loves those who don't respect them. Not All of those, who are not loved, bless their haters. Let GOD bless All with the Best!!

Donald Trump with his son, Barron Trump.