Saturday, 8 April 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Why one should never wish for immortality?

Soul leaving the physical world.

Can any living being survive or rejuvenate itself without sleeping? No, right!!

Just like sleeping for giving rest to our body, our Soul needs to leave the physical world to get Rest In Peace. So, never think that Death is The End. Just like our body wakes up fresh in the morning after a good night sleep, one's Soul gets rebirth with another body based on one's Karma in past. Death even puts an end to one's sufferings of old age. There were so many mythological stories and scripts from our ancient Indian scholars which preach that Death is Inevitable and Must for all living beings. Based on this, we must do righteous deeds in present to get a better life in future or in next Reincarnations. Be Righteous and It will save you.

Child victims of Syria chemical attack.

This post is dedicated to All the Syrian Children who died recently due to chemical attack. I understand that this is not the right time to play blame games, but Time for All to realize the importance of Peace and living like Humans. May Syrians and Iraqis find Peace in their Nations soon. Doing sins in a whimsical manner seems simple and quick, but facing the wrath of Allah for sinning will be devastating to sinners. Let Allah establish Peace in The World by giving good wisdom to All struggling fighters of both sides. I understand that no fighter is happy and is ruining one's own life along with lives of other stakeholders. Stop killing. True repentance is a way towards God's forgiveness. True repentance is not just conveying apologies, but also refraining from doing such bad deeds. GOD bless All.

Allah, The Great.