Monday, 26 June 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Put an end to terrorism, but not 'terrorists'.

Put an end to terrorism, but not 'terrorists'.

I observed the negativity and apathy of the society makes one an anti-social element or a 'terrorist'. I recommend Governments to find the root causes of terrorism and eliminate them, rather than killing 'terrorists'. Rehab 'terrorists' to make them join the main-stream of the society so that they can contribute to our Planet.

The major cause of terrorism is poverty and social injustice. Kindly uplift The Poor across The World and make Earth into Heaven for All. Ensure our judiciary systems run properly without corruption to avoid social injustice. Many people turn into terrorists when they are mentally disturbed. In such cases, society must be empathetic towards them and make them normal.

Spread LOVE.

There is "LOVE" for something in Everybody. Fulfill Everybody's LOVE as long as it is possible and ethical. Society must be made responsible for making anti-social elements, so the change has to come from the society in eliminating terrorism across The World. Sometimes, the media plays a bad role in such cases due to some warmongering journalists. Media must stop spreading such news. The Society which encourages terrorism will bound to pay a heavy price in future, so stop terrorism and don't make an innocent guy turn into a 'terrorist'. The returns on stopping terrorism are more than that of encountering 'terrorists'. Working on root causes of terrorism is a proactive approach to stop making of terrorists. GOD bless All, including our so-called 'terrorists', with great wisdom and bright future.