Monday, 24 July 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

How the US can uplift poor countries?

Long live Russia. Long live America.

Simple. A weak dollar can improve the purchasing power of citizens in impoverished Nations. USD will weaken only when The United States of America wants so. A weak dollar will start the economy of USA grow due to rising in exports from them. Why can't a Developed Nation continue to be 'Developing'? The current generation of Americans should not rest on the laurels of their earlier generations. Let America grow further by developing poor economies in the world. They should start this mission with Iraq & Syria.

The USA is the Nation which spends more money on military than any other Nation. If they can divert that money on diplomatic relations, then nobody can beat the USA and They will be Great Again.

Russia and USA must not be treated as rival Nations. They must unite in making Our Planet Earth into a Heaven with their technologies and without killing anybody. Why should Russia and America confine their cooperation to space exploration? There are still many Humans on Earth who cannot afford good food every day. This is much more serious and important than sending space rovers to Mars. Long live Russia and USA friendship.