Virgo Libran born in Kovvur to Satyavathi and Veerabhadracharyulu. Seeking Humanism. Being a Righteous Soul.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

My prayers in past and today.

My prayers to GOD.

When I was going through trauma since 1998 due to mind games of then Applying Thought I felt helpless. Whenever I was in extreme pain I used to pray to God to punish all the wrongdoers, in my life, with eternal hell everywhere forever. I used this as a ruse to threaten my stalkers so that I will be relieved. Also, there were several instances in past decade where I prayed to God, that these prayers should not happen.

Today, I prayed to God to bless All with good wisdom and turn the entire world into permanent Heaven. Some of my prayers in past to God are:
God, remove my intelligence whenever I use it for negative means.
God, never give me power which can harm people.
God, never fulfill my bad wishes but fulfill all my good wishes and every little wish.

Satyameva Jayate.

My prayer to All, let The Truth triumph. Satyameva Jayate.