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Monday, 20 November 2017

Vasanth Kumar Nagulakonda

How can one settle abroad happily?

Leaving all your attachments with your homeland is the best mantra to settle abroad happily. This was the reason why I was not happy in The US during my stay there. The chronic 'emotionally blackmailing' voices in my head never allowed me to focus on the brighter part of life. I felt India is far better for me in terms of weather, food, relations, traveling and enjoying little pleasures of life. Some Indians seem bad to me ;) but India is The Best Land for my DNA. I still need to gather guts to overcome some attachments in my life which seem impossible at this moment.

Though the USA seems like Heaven to me, as some Hindu religious texts say "One cannot stay happily even in Heaven when one is attached to people/ possessions on Earth", I was never happy in the USA because of my emotional attachments. America gave me everything I have today, so I wish them well.

GOD bless All.