Sunday, 12 November 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

How do we handle North Korea and its President?

Kim Jong-un and Donald John Trump are not enemies.

The war of words between North Korea's President and POTUS made me smile today. To me, North Korea seems like a spoiled kid in front of an elderly US. In Telugu, there is an adage which tells 3 steps to be followed in sequence while handling enemies:
  1. Sama (Diplomacy)
  2. Dana (Donate)
  3. Danda (Destroy)

Many Nations tried Sama (Diplomacy) with North Korea in vain. Now, let us try Dana (Donating) to North Korea which can help in their Nation Building and stop its nuclear program. Since nobody likes killing a spoiled kid (North Korea in this case) let us keep on sending aid to North Korea for a good cause until they feel the love from All of US. Let Trump's Love for Peace triumph, but not hatred of war-mongers.

A war will cost the world trillions of dollars. With few billion dollars as financial aid to North Korea, we can stop the war and save the world while improving the living standards of North Koreans.

Let The World celebrate the victory of Peace Lovers from this Christmas onwards! Wishing you All a Merry Christmas ahead.

Santa, STOP WAR.