Saturday, 25 November 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Allah, what is this? Why are You killing innocent people?

Allah, why are you killing innocent people?

Allah, we know You are The Supreme Being who created 'All' of us. Why have You made militants who kill innocent people? Why did You give power and artillery to the terrorists who torture and kill innocent people? What is the mistake of these innocent worshippers of Yours? Why are You silent now? When are You going to punish these militants who use Your name behind their every sin? Why don't You bless Everybody with good wisdom and bright future? Aren't we All same to You?

Allah, please answer my questions. I am a Hindu but believe in You, Allah, and pray for all the departed Souls, in the massacre that happened in Egypt recently, with Eternal bliss. I thank You, Allah, for allowing me to express my feelings.

I know Allah can read this post and do the needful.