Thursday, 14 December 2017

Vasanth Nagulakonda

My ambition since my childhood days.

Richest People in The World.

Like every innocent child, I had my share of dreams and fantasies during my childhood. Let me share some of them with my audience here.

One day I visited Nandankanan Zoo, situated near Bhubaneswar, during my childhood along with my parents. I remember watching a poor guy picking food thrown away on the platform and eating it. I was shocked then and wished I could do something for such people. As I grew up, I felt only by being The Richest in The World can help me eradicate poverty because I firmly believed that I am not selfish and love to share my Wealth with The Poor.

I never dreamed of driving a car for unknown reasons, but wished I had a daughter who could do that for me. I never even dreamed of settling abroad because of my orthodox beliefs and attachment with India. I used to think that my daughter should inherit only INR1 billion after my demise with the rest going to serve and feed the Poor. My wish was to make such an impact on The World, that my Creation should be Eternal and need not make me famous. This was inspired by Thomas Alva Edison, The Inventor of Light Bulb.

Coming to the fact and conclusion, there still exists Poverty in The World because I am not The Richest in The World yet. Don't blame me for this because my career was ruined cruelly by some of my fellow Indians and I couldn't make much money till date. Still, I am doing the best within my limits for I find happiness in sharing. I am now more happy to be a failure because I was never selfish and I had nothing to lose except for giving to the society. I think of remaining as a failure because that can make at least some people happy about it. I am a failure, but not a LOSER.

I still dream to be The Richest in The Multiverse.