Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Proof that a Highly Intelligent Creator exists.

Brahma, The Creator.

We All know that this World runs like a clockwork with Sun rising every morning, Moon rising every evening and what not, everything we observe and don't observe. Everything appears systematic and planned like the Server OS (Operating System) running a supercomputer. We Hindus believe that there is a Paramatma who runs this Universe and Atma which runs the Body. For me, Paramatma is like Server OS (Operating System) which runs a supercomputer and Atma is like an OS (Operating System) which runs a device. Our scientists and programmers coded for years to come up with Server OS (Operating System). We all agree Server OS (Operating System) does not come from a random sequence of bytes but from Human Intelligence and effort. Now the question is, who coded and programmed the Paramatma and Atma? Do you still believe they came into existence all by themselves?

Are Vedas the SRS (Software Requirements Specification) of Paramatma and The Multiverse?