Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Skin is Kin to Sin. Way to wash away one's sins.

Bank of Holy Ganga.

Yes, you got me right, Skin is Kin to Sin. Skin allergies and diseases of a person are related to his/ her Sins from past. The more one sins, by doing negative deeds, the worse the native will suffer from skin disorders or other diseases, in future, inflicted through the skin. We know every sin is done with skin, our outer sensory organ. That is why our Ancestors recommended all our generations to wash away our sins by bathing in Holy rivers like the Ganges.

You might have found that people who are pious have a bright & shiny skin, look young and beautiful in spite of being aged. I believe skin carries the sins of a Soul from present and past lives. So, if you want to wash away your sins then visit a bank of Holy Ganges and bathe in it.

BTW, another way of washing one’s sins is true repentance. True repentance doesn’t mean simply giving apologies, but confessing wholeheartedly and stop doing such negative karma forever. I recommend confession during sunset period for digestion of such repentance during sleep. Everybody including me sins due to lack of wisdom, so don’t think I have right to convey this message. The content here is dedicated to GOD who made me post this article. Also, find Karma Theory here.

Note: These are just my views. This post is not meant to discriminate people, but educate people to be wise and have bright future. I also agree diseases cannot be cured without taking medications prescribed by doctors.

Barack Obama
I am sure this pious POTUS (2009-2017) has great skin.