Thursday, 1 February 2018

Vasanth Nagulakonda

How WE All can become more secular?

Church, Temple and Mosque.

I was relaxing on my bed when I heard prayers from a mosque today. He was worshipping Allah and I felt Allah was the One who gave me everything I have. I thanked Allah in my mind. So, when we realize it is the same GOD who created All of us, then why would we fight in the name of religion?

The GOD (Brahma Vishnu Shiva) created not just me, but also created my fellow Muslims, Christians and other religious people including atheists. If GOD is One then why should a Hindu hate Muslims for worshipping Allah and Christians for worshipping Mother Mary & Jesus Christ? Yes, GOD is One. We All are children of GOD and HE loves All of us equally. He doesn't expect us to offer Him prayers but expects us to see Him in All and help our fellow living beings.