Friday, 23 March 2018

Vasanth Nagulakonda

Why can't Shirdi Sai Baba be worshipped as God?

Shirdi Sai Baba.

Everyone knows that Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were Human, but All Hindus treat them as God and worship them religiously without a second thought. The reason Hindus worship them is they played all their roles in an ideal manner for our mankind and also saved the world from Evil. We All know Jesus was Human and All Christians worship Him because no one can dare to be Jesus again! Buddhists worship Buddha though he was born Human.

When all the above are possible, then why can't we worship an iconic figure like Shirdi Sai Baba? He has lived his whole life by the principles he preached unlike many of them during his generation, his future generations, and generations to come. Most Indians worship Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, and Shirdi Sai Baba to convey the message to their children and future generations to appreciate the qualities of these revered Souls and follow them in their life. The propaganda that is happening against Him must be condemned by All. Still, I respect the views of such forces as long as they don't force others not to worship Sai Baba by making such propaganda with their personal agenda.