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Advice to Indian Youth (Fresh Graduates).

Indian Youth.

Dear Fresh Graduates,

I hope you All enjoyed your days at college which is a must because those are some of the sweet memories one would carry until the end. There should be no regrets in what you did and learned at college. I assume you All fall within the age group of 21-25.

After college, most of you are free to go chase your dreams!! Just look at whether your dreams fit in below criteria to keep you happy:
  1. Enjoy life sensibly. This is the first criteria to keep you happy for the rest of your life. Coming to the point, one has to enjoy one's work and balance personal life while having fun responsibly. So, how does one enjoy one's work? The answer lies in choosing what your heart/ mind craves deep within the inside. For example, if you hate the monotonous kind of work and love challenges, then choose an onsite/ field career which pumps your adrenaline every day like Police, Law Enforcement, Power, R&D, etc. If you love interacting with the public and helping people, then join public sector employers like Banks, NGOs, Sales, etc. Coming to balancing the personal life, never forget it is your family that stays with you after retirement or when you are in trouble. Keep spending joyful moments with your family, so that you are there for each other, but not at the risk of your employer which says about being responsible for the job. Doing what one loves keeps one happy, thus healthy, which is greater than being wealthy.
  2. Settle in a more secure job. Prefer Government job to private-sector employment for more job security. Private-sector employers may be offering more salary in the short term, but remember they have the right to fire you whenever they don't need you. Pick more 'Human' jobs which cannot be wiped away by automation. Jobs like these are Nursing, Police, etc.
  3. Save/ Invest before spending. Make saving a habit for a rainy day. Save in preference as the first expense from your monthly income and then spend the remaining. Investing in land is the ideal evergreen idea.
  4. Get hold of a coach/ mentor in your career. Without a guru one is like a wanderer in a forest without a guide. The wanderer could be killed by cruel animals anytime or fall into a pit. Choose a well-wisher as your coach in guiding you towards your career goals. Your mentor must be approachable to share your woes, doubts and even success. Never let jealousy enter your mind which can ruin your mental health. At the same time, stay away from jealous frenemies who can ruin your life.
  5. Marry early. Don't wait for promotions or a career level to settle with your soulmate. You would have enjoyed life more than the one who married late.
  6. Never buy a home on loan. Many people during the initial days of career assume that buying a home will save their rent money. This is wrong. Actually, you are paying interest on your home loan and on top of it, you are tied to a locality along with the job/ employer. This is a big risk for your finances and can cause you mental woes. Buying a home when one knows where one is going to settle after retirement is the best decision. This allows one to buy a bigger/ better home with one's savings.
  7. Take care of your old parents with a sense of gratitude and love. Yes, you got me right. Blessings go a long way, so never forget your parents' welfare who made you into whatever you are today. Don't forget, your children learn from you and they may treat the same way you treated your parents.

I will be adding more. Keep visiting this post.

Yours Lovingly,


The thoughts above are dedicated to all my teachers who pampered me like anything. I was a very mischeavious student but still they gave me best grades. I am nothing without my teachers. I am indebted to all my teachers forever.

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