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Sanatana Dharma: Service to man is service to God.

Service, the root of Sanatana Dharma.

All the non-Sanatana (non-Eternal) religions, namely, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and many others that exist today have a beginning in the history of mankind but it is only Sanatana Dharma which has no beginning. Now, the question is what is Sanatana Dharma or Eternal Religion. Before jumping into it, we have to know the meaning of Dharma (Religion). A search on Google for 'dharma meaning' shows:

  1. (in Indian religion) the eternal law of the cosmos, inherent in the very nature of things.

Going deeper into the discussion, we all know light and heat are the attributes of fire. Fire without light and heat doesn't exist. Light and heat are inherent in the very nature of fire. This is the dharma of fire. Now, what is the Sanatana Dharma of living beings? I will explain this below.

Every animal or human serves one's master. There is no exception to this rule. It is the Almighty who created us to serve Him, in various forms, eternally. Just serving people and helping lives is for what GOD created us. HE never ever wanted us to worship demigods to get our wishes fulfilled. Lord Krishna said doing our service to mankind is service to GOD. Being able to serve others is inherent in the nature of every living being. Whether one is a Hindu, Muslim or Christian, one cannot neglect serving one's family and society. Serving others is what Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Religion) is All about.

God is everywhere but He is most manifest in man. So serve man as God. That is as good as worshipping God.

A mom loves serving her children, while the father loves serving his master for his family. There is Godly love in service. Just like all organs in the body have to perform their duty to keep the stomach fed and do its duty, everything in His Creation is interdependent. Nothing in this Creation can exist or survive independently, so nobody is superior or inferior except for The Omnipotent Creator who is above all. Every religion which is like a branch of 'Sanatana Dharma' tree pass the same message to its followers, but in a different way.

Enjoy this life, serving the Lord in various life forms with love and devotion while treating work as worship.

For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give His Life as a ransom for many.


The thoughts above are dedicated to all my teachers who pampered me like anything. I was a very mischeavious student but still they gave me best grades. I am nothing without my teachers. I am indebted to all my teachers forever.

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