Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Vasanth Nagulakonda

The future cryptocurrency of India from RBI.

Lakshmi, Future Cryptocurrency of India.

Experts at RBI are studying the possibility of a fiat cryptocurrency which would replace INR for digital transactions. According to a media report, RBI's own cryptocurrency can be named Lakshmi. Despite lack of trust on non-fiat cryptocurrencies, central banks across the world have taken note of their effectiveness and popularity due to their underlying Blockchain technology. The People's Bank of China, Monetary Authority of Singapore, The Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank started considering the issue of digital fiat currency in near future. Many Developed Nations and Emerging Markets are going to join this bandwagon sooner or later.

Waiting for the world to embrace fiat cryptocurrency and make Humanism a reality on Earth by electing Governments which promise to redistribute the wealth among its citizens. Let the Rich start giving more.

Lakshmi, bless All with Health and Wealth.