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A cure for all diseases with DNA methods signature mapping.


We All know DNA is Software that runs our body. DNA to our body is like Android to our mobile. As every OS has processes and methods which run the device, even DNA will be having processes and methods to run our body. If our Scientists can decode every process and method signature of our DNA, then we are not far away from a cure for all diseases.

For example, with my little knowledge, I see convert glucose to energy is a method in DNA. The signature would be:
Energy convertGlucoseToEnergy(Gene, Glucose, ExternalConditions);

In the case of diabetes patients, the above-discussed method will not be working properly because of having:
  1. A corrupted input Gene to convertGlucoseToEnergy,
  2. Bad Glucose from toxic food,
  3. Something is wrong with External Conditions of the patient like room temperature, gravity, air quality, etc.,
  4. The method convertGlucoseToEnergy has been corrupted by a virus i.e. implementation of this method has been compromised.
There could be another finite set of input parameters and reasons which could be better decided by Researchers.

Just like the way we scan our mobile with an Anti-virus scanner, Apple and its Scientists can come up with a DNA scanner for finding out the problem in our DNA and fix the problem just like the way mobile anti-virus scanner does to our Android.

Trust me, this kind of R&D can be done only with supercomputers available with Developed Nations because the processing/ computing power needed to decode DNA method signatures is very high. Once mankind achieves that level, then there will be a cure for all diseases and we can even prevent diseases in advance. We, Humans, need to just have an Anti-virus wearable device to keep us away from all ailments in the future. Such a wearable device connects to supercomputers to get updates and keep our Humans healthy by keeping our DNA safe from issues.

Health for All.

Whatever money I made until today as an Engineer is because of the blessings of Mallikharjuna Sarma Garu, my Maths tuition master during 10+2 days. I dedicate this post to such Great Soul of Mallikharjuna Sarma Garu.

As a token of gratitude, the patent rights on this post belong to the Government of Telangana for blessing everybody across the world with good health.


The thoughts above are dedicated to all my teachers who pampered me like anything. I was a very mischeavious student but still they gave me best grades. I am nothing without my teachers. I am indebted to all my teachers forever.

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