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How Google and Apple prevent crimes?

Android & iOS.

More than 99% of mobiles are either based on Google Android or Apple iOS. What if these mobile OS makers crawl or trace the negative intentions in the minds of the mobile phone users? Then, law enforcement agencies can be alerted to keep track of them and prevent any crimes that could be committed by them. This is not a distant dream with the recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, RNA Computing, Natural Language Processing, Remote Neural Monitoring and Brain-Computer Interface technologies.

I wish the above-envisioned dream becomes a reality and we all start living in a crime-free society. This will take us one step towards Global Union where terrorism will just be history.

Apple and Google can share such technologies with each other for helping common man lead a safe life in this world. Social media was one of the tools that came up for fishing out bad people, but many of them are avoiding it due to this knowledge. With such technology embedded in Android or iOS, nobody can evade from the eyes of law enforcement agencies. The mobile OS must be allowed to alert both the user and the agency, in case of a crime, so that the user stops doing a crime. We already have spam detectors in place, which warn spammers. This topic is about crime detection which is the future.

The US of America is a crime-free society for most of the time because NSA monitors communication signals of almost every US resident. Why can't this happen in India? With the advent of the Aadhaar requirement for every service in India, this could make the lives of law enforcement agencies easy.

What if Google crawls minds? No crime will go undetected. Everybody with a smartphone will be smart enough to not do crimes! Jai Hind!


The thoughts above are dedicated to all my teachers who pampered me like anything. I was a very mischeavious student but still they gave me best grades. I am nothing without my teachers. I am indebted to all my teachers forever.

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